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Ukraine Money


Ukraine Currency

Ukraine currency hryvnia (UAH) has been stable for the last 5 years as it has been tied to US dollar. Current exchange rate of Ukrainian hryvnia to USD is about 4.98 and about 7.50 to the euro. Check current exchange rate at the site of Privatbank, one of the most popular banks in Ukraine.


Money Transfer to Ukraine

When you come to Ukraine you are allowed to bring up to 10 000 euros (or equivalent in other currency) in cash or travel checks. You can bring gifts on the sum not exceeding 200 euros tax-free. If the cost of your gifts is more than 200 euros, you will have to pay about 47% customs duties from the total cost of your gifts.

You can use ATM machines to get cash, which by Ukrainian laws you can receive only in the local currency. Usually there are lots of ATM machines in the downtown of the cities. The local banks charge about 3% for cashing the money. Instructions are usually provided in Ukrainian, Russian and English.

Travelers checks and American Express can be cashed in local banks into dollars for a 3% fee.

Note that worn-out banknotes or those which have stamps on them might be exchanged with a 10% commission at the local banks or not accepted for the exchange at all.


Exchanging Money in Ukraine

The downtowns of Ukrainian cities usually locate many bank (Raiffeisen Bank, PrivatBank...), the exchage rate is usually good. Please beware of poor exchange rates in the common tourist areas like airports, hotels etc. with a slipped "0" between the digits. Don't walk away from the window till you count the money in the sight of the banker. You might want to keep the receipt of the money exchanged as foreigners can exchage the hryvnias back provided they have this receipt.


Making Payments in Ukraine

Hotels, restaurants, and big stores usually accept credit card payments. For the small stores, bus and railway tickets, and for the purchases in the market you need to carry some cash with you.


Average costs in Ukraine

You will find most products and services in Ukraine quite affordable:

  • a loaf of bread: $0.5
  • 1 liter of milk: $1
  • 15 minutes taxi ride: $4-$12 (depending on the city)
  • 12 hours railway: $50
  • English interpreting : $10-$15 per hour
  • tips: about 10% of the cost of the order (optional)


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